Theater Projector Screen

5.1m width projection screen fabric

5.1m projection screen fabric is made of three layers, that is, white&black PVC with a high-strength and low contractibility terylene fabric between them. After being treated by special technologies, all the PVC meterials are free from extraneous odour and colour change.

Base fabric: 1000X1000D Polyester Fiber

Weight: 750(±20) g/㎡

Tensile load: Meridional/Zonal ≧750 N/5cm DIN53354

Tear load: Meridional/Zonal ≧200 N/5cm DIN53363

Peel off strength: Meridional/Zonal ≧ 40 N/5cm DIN53357

Fire resistant: Yes

Mildew proof: Yes

Cleanable: Yes

Antistatic: Yes

Gain: 1.1

Suitable temperature: -20℃-+60℃

Viewing angle: 150°

Product structure: PVC film + 1000D Polyester Fiber + PVC film

Width: 5.1m

Thickness: 0.72mm (±0.02mm)