Flex banner

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Flex banner is really a fabric created of two layers of PVC and one particular layer of high strength mesh fabric. The flex banner is quite thin and light. Flex banner printer is often made use of to print different patterns on flex banners which have decorative functions. As a UV flatbed printer, our flex banner printer utilizes oily, solvent-based ink. In printing, the ink can penetrate in to the flex banner through its corrosive actions. Printed on flex banners utilizing the oily, solvent-based ink, the words, patterns, images, etc are waterproof, ultraviolet resistant, and scratchproof. The printer is available in numerous kinds, such as F1 320UV, HJ¢ò 5000SW, HJ¢ò 5000SE, HJ 3200TURBO, LJ 320K, LJ 320SE, LJ 320X, LJ 320P, LJ 320SW. The aforementioned sorts are accessible in 8-16 printing heads, and in 4 color (CMYK) and 8 colour(CMYK.LC.LM+W+V). The printing width and printer resolution of our high speed flex banner printer are three.2 meters and 1440?á1440dpi respectively.