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Features of PVC Laminated Fabric

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PVC Laminated Fabric is actually a kind of PVC fabric, which is a product produced by laminating transparent PVC adhesive film and PVC laminated fabric together. Its main scenes are transportation, tent and construction industries, and it belongs to plastic fabric. Through the PVC film can clearly see the middle of the grid mesh, there is a strong three-dimensional feeling, feel soft and hard, is an environmentally friendly low toxicity products, all using new material production, can be used year-round in the outdoors for as long as 3-5 years. 

Cloth can be divided into two types of general and environmental protection according to its performance, the general type refers to the fabric does not have any environmental protection requirements. It can be used to make all kinds of rainwear, tarpaulins, bags, sunshades, toys, etc. It can also be used to make traffic warning signs, special clothing and other fields, which is relatively cheap, corrosion resistant and easy to process, while the price of environmental protection type is a little higher.

Classification of PVC laminated fabric 

There are many types of mesh, generally: PVC mesh, EVA mesh, rubber mesh, TPU mesh, etc. The more common in life is the PVC mesh, a large part of the reason with its material (PVC) has a relationship. What is the material of the sandwich PVC laminated fabric? The mesh is pvc, which is often referred to as plastic, belongs to the chemical fiber fabric!

What are the characteristics of the PVC laminated fabric?  

1. clip PVC laminated fabric is a combination of pvc and PVC laminated fabric, so the fabric has a strong waterproof performance, suitable for tents and umbrellas and other outdoor products. 

2. Cloth in the selection of materials are generally used in the use of environmentally friendly low-toxic materials, so the environment is relatively safe for the human body.  

3. Clamp mesh service life is relatively long, generally in the outdoors with a three to five years is not much of a problem!  

4. Strong flame retardant properties, non-flammable, in terms of outdoor fire is very safe!  

5. clip PVC laminated fabric is a multi-layer fabric, so in the anti-UV above particularly strong, because of this feature makes the clip PVC laminated fabric is particularly suitable for sunshade.  

6. fabric toughness is particularly strong, do not be afraid of outdoor tents torn by high winds!  

PVC is a chemical material, its main component is polyvinyl chloride. Its advantages are: insulation performance is good, good chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, manufacturing process is relatively mature, relatively low price, etc.. And it has certain characteristics of high and low temperature resistance.

There are many kinds of materials for the middle of the mesh cloth, and there are two kinds of polyester and nylon according to the material. According to the strength can also be divided into two kinds of general yarn and high strength yarn, about the fabric weaving method there are combing, semi-combing, combing, warp knitting and weft knitting, etc..  

In addition, in order to meet the different needs of different users, the merchants choose various yarns to weave the PVC laminated fabric with different densities. According to the classification of PVC laminated fabric weave a variety of mesh type with a variety of patterns of sandwich fabric, the production of a variety of specifications, thickness, color and strength of different sandwich fabric.

PVC Tarpaulin Production Process

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PVC tarpaulin has superior performance of waterproof, aging resistance, anti-static, anti-tear, etc. It is a very popular protective cloth and is widely used in many fields such as daily life and industrial production.

It is produced by vertical machine, vertical machine mechanical production, the cloth is pulled straight into the raw material box and pulled out, the gum-like material glued on thatched cloth is high purity PVC material, then both sides are straightened all the time through the machine with knife scraping, after scraping with knife through the dryer drying, cutting edge, dividing circle, packaging. There are two kinds of drying machine, one is with electric firing, one is with boiler. Vertical machine has high requirements for raw materials, must be a certain purity of raw materials to distance. Often the PVC canvas produced by the vertical machine is slightly more expensive and the purity of the tarpaulin products is high.

Characteristics of PVC Tarpaulin

Appearance: good color and luster, oily and reflective; one side is flat and smooth, and the other side has a little granular object, which means the resin component is added properly and the temperature is suitable; no pinhole, high resin density, good anti-aging and long service life. 

Tensile strength: according to the process is different, canvas in the material ratio are excellence, so that the ability of damage to the cloth blank is small, the better the tensile strength; yarn warp and weft density is high, the stronger the tensile strength. 

Waterproof performance: 100% waterproof performance, good gum, the canvas will not have pinholes, quality production materials. The addition of materials, how much resin composition, high or low density, are to determine the performance of the PVC tarpaulin good or bad. 

Feel: It is soft to the touch, although it feels like the thickness is average, but the thickness has actually met the requirements, just because of the high resin composition and good processing craftsmanship, so it feels soft to the touch and does not feel rough. 

Environmental performance: PVC tarpaulin is polyester filament as the base cloth, the appearance of PVC double-sided coating, selected high-quality environmental protection resin, smooth surface, bright colors, with waterproof, fire, corrosion, mildew, cold, high temperature, UV resistance, anti-aging and other properties.

The Difference Between Canvas and PVC

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We’re often asked what is better between PVC and canvas. If you are having trouble deciding which material is the best option for your upcoming project, Tarpo is here to help! Of course, there are positive and negative characteristics of both of these materials, making your final decision a little tricky. Let’s compare some of the important features of Canvas and PVC to help you make the best decision.


Canvas can either be cotton or a polyester-cotton blend (polycotton) which means it has synthetic mixed with organic fibres. Polycotton generally tends to be cheaper and is less likely to shrink.

It is typically used for the following;

  • Vehicle covers i.e. fitted covers.
  • Tents,
  • Furniture i.e. (the metal folding chairs), and
  • Parasols.


PVC is a polyester-based fabric that can either be coated or laminated.

This material is typically used for the following;

  • Tarpaulins,
  • Vehicle covers (Lorry Covers),
  • Furniture,
  • Machine Cover and
  • Canopies. 

There’s also the matter of the elements- how do these two hold up?

The Sun

Both Canvas and PVC are susceptible to UV radiation and that’s why they disintegrate. The more UV stabilization, the longer they are likely to last, but then, of course, the price goes up.

Polyurethane (PU) coated canvas is wrapped with plastic. It can either be plain or ripstop weave. Its lightweight body makes it inherently more breathable than PVC and allows it to adjust to body temperature more quickly.


Canvas is water resistant but not waterproof. This means that quality canvas is able to resist the penetration of water to some degree under the conditions in which it is likely to be used.

Canvas shrinks because of the cotton while PVC doesn’t shrink because of the synthetic fibres.


Both PVC and Canvas are not naturally fire-resistant; however, they can be made fire retardant.

This means that they are able to slow down or stop the speed of fire. This is made possible because they are treated with a substance that lessens flammability known as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs). This does not make the material fireproof.

Fire retardant properties need to be added to the chemical finish making the price almost double the one without them. Both canvas and PVC don’t regularly come with Fire retardant. In Europe, the US and Australia Fire retardant is a requirement by law for certain uses.

Finally, here’s the difference when it comes down to cost and durability:


Canvas is more expensive than PVC because cotton fabrics are naturally more expensive than plastic.

You can request a detailed breakdown of cost based on the products you’re interested in below:

PVC Tarpaulin colours

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PVC coated tarpaulin for truck tarpaulin, 650 g/m2, two-sided lacquered is available at our company. It’s affordable and comes in 17 different colors (12 RAL) and a variety of widths. Weldability is excellent. Suitable for a variety of uses.

PVC-coated tarpaulin has already been widely utilized as a truck cover, truck curtain side, tents, banners, inflatable goods, and adumbral materials for construction facilities and establishments. PVC coated tarpaulins in both glossy and matte finishes are also available.

This PVC-coated tarpaulin for truck covers is available in a variety of colors. We may also provide it in a variety of fire-resistant certification ratings.

All of your unique needs for PVC coated tarpaulins, such as various FR certifications, Anti-Light, ACRYLIC lacquered, suited for inkjet solvent, eco-solvent, and screen printing may be fulfilled upon request.


awnings, truck cover, truck curtain side, tents, banners, inflatable products, adumbral materials for building facility and establishment.


  • The PVC coated tarpaulin for trucks offers superphysical and chemical performances, Good flexibility, and excellent tensile strength and tear strength.
  • The PVC coated tarpaulin is waterproof and UV resistant, good weather ability. Strong anti-corrosiveness.
  • Economical, easy to transport and sustain long time for good performance.
  • Various colors are available. Different FR certification we can reach.

PVC Tarpaulin colours

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