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With an enormous range of fabrics in its selection, Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd can serve a wide range of industries. The company now brings printable textiles and PVC coated fabrics for the outdoor advertising media. They also have duct application fabrics for pipelines and covering materials. Now, they also have the fabrics for a mattress that can help change the looks and comfort level of a mattress.

The spokesperson of the company discusses the benefits of using the mattress ticking fabric on a mattress. According to her, this is a medium weight polyester fabric that comes with a urethane coating. The urethane coating makes the fabric nice and smoother to be used in mattresses to improve the comfort level. The fabric is highly water resistant and does not get affected when exposed to water or moisture. The UV coating of the fabric helps retain its vibrant colors. The fabric is also colorfast and can offer a nice and durable finish to every mattress it is used over. The large width of this navy blue oxford fabric specially makes it attractive and impressive. This is 100% polyester fabric with a PU coating on it. Made from the woven technique, the fabric has a weight of 110GSM and density 210D.
The company excels in supplying the printing textile that is free from toxins, odorless and environment-friendly. The spokesperson reveals that this textile is a far better option than the traditional flex banners, which contain plasticizers. The printable textile has a very high temperature tolerance level and can be perfect for all weather conditions. Unlike flex banners, the banners made from printable textile can withstand cold weather conditions. The textile is PU coated and free from PVC, and hence is eco-friendly. The lightweight fabric is easy to install in the outdoors as an attractive banner advertisement option.


Besides a variety of fabrics, the company can also supply the inflatable floating platform, used for many fun, leisure or sporting activities. The inflatable platform is extra durable and stable because of its heavy duty drop stitch material. The large air valves of the floating platform allow for quick inflation and deflation, and which allows it to compensate the load that drops over it. It also has high pressure and high volume pumps and can withstand a pressure of up to 15psi. The spokesperson reveals that they have inflatable floating platforms in many regular sizes. However, they can supply it in any custom size as per the demand of the customer. The capacity of the platforms may also range from 3-5 people to 8-10 people. It also comes with the compact storage strap and can be stored easily in a compact space, when not in use. The platform also comes with an Anchor D-ring, which allows a user to attach it to the rear of the boat in order to prevent the boat from drifting.

Not only in homes, but blackout roller blinds can also be used in offices and other buildings to block the sunlight during the summer time. Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd offers acrylic coated roller blind fabrics that can provide an excellent shelter from the sunlight. These fabrics have acrylic blended content onto polyester woven fabrics. The acrylic coating comes with an ultraviolet property that can provide insulation against the sunlight to keep the temperature of a building lower during the summer time.


According to the company spokesperson, they have double side PA coated blackout roller blind fabric that can feature an amazing audio absorption quality. The coating mixture of the fabric with 40% acrylic content can allow a significant level of absorption and reflection. The company uses different woven polyester constructions to achieve different levels of sound absorption. The fabric is free from formaldehyde and PVC and is completely environment-friendly. With a thickness of 0.5mm, the fabric is suitable for ultrasonic, crush and knife cutting. The fabric features 5-6 grade color fastness and the company can supply the fabric in customized colors, as per the choice of a customer. The fabric features ISO 9001:2008, CE, SGS, and other standards, and is available with a 5 year warranty.


The company also supplies the coated roller blind fabric, which is made of 100% polyester fabric with acrylic coatings on its both sides. With a width of up to 3000mm, the blind fabric is suitable for different areas of a home, office or other places. Available at a cost-effective price, the fabric offers a spotless finish that can simply appeal to anyone. With a soft touch, the perfect could be an ideal choice for a sophisticated interior décor for both residential as well as commercial buildings. The spokesperson reveals that the fabric gets a better insulation due to its acrylic coating and could prove ideal for the temperature control of a room or a building. The company also designs the roller blind fabric with a foam polymer coating on its back surface, which can help in offering a good level of comfort to residents of a house.


Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd also deals in the inflatable floating platform that can be used to create a comfortable and relaxing ambiance at a place. These floating platforms are durable and stable, and can used for playing, relaxing or for a fun time. The platforms come with larger air valves to support a fast inflation and deflation. Available in different manageable sizes, these floating platforms are easy to store when not in use. With its anchor D-rings, one can easily attach it to the back of a boat to prevent its drifting.

One can check the features of the roller blind fabrics by visiting the website http://www.duletai.com.

Customized dropstitch products

Customized dropstitch products

A customer from UK send us customized dropstitch products request to make one dropstitch item and ship to the UK. He need a mattress to put in the bow of his boat to make a sleeping area. The shape is curved according to his boat. Usually this kind of jobs are too small for a factory. But finally we decided to make it just for fun. The deflated air mattress we pack it small and send by TNT express. Customer is very happy after receiving his air mattress. Wish he can enjoy his life with duletai’s products.

drop stitch product air mattressdrop stitch product  jo

As a leading industrial fabric manufacturer, Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd keeps introducing high-strength and durable fabrics for various applications. They have PVC coated fabrics for the duct application, which can ensure the longevity and durable performance of the application. Clients can check the different types of duct application fabrics that the company can manufacture and supply on the website of the company.

The company has yellow vent pipe fabric in its stock, with a matt or a glossy finish. The fabric is completely waterproof and fire retardant. Its anti-static and durable properties make it suitable for duct applications. Besides, the fabric can also be used in fire water mains, gas pipelines and as covering materials. The fabric comprises of a high tenacity woven polyester fabric with a plasticized flexible PVC coating, applied on both sides of the base polyester fabric. This hot laminated tarpaulin type fabric is available in a width of 3.2m, and is fluorescent and shrink resistant. This strong and durable fabric is easy to clean, and one just needs to wipe it for cleaning. The fabric is suitable for all weather conditions, and one can sew it or weld it as per the requirement of an application.


According to the spokesperson of the company, they have PVC coated tarps for the duct application. With a matt finish, this PVC fabric is completely waterproof, strong and durable. The fabric also has a commendable anti-static and fire-retardant property. The fabric also has a very high tensile strength and can be useful for several types of applications, such as gas pipelines, fire water mains and others. With a weight from 550GSM to 750GSM, the tarp can exhibit a remarkable tensile strength. The spokesperson reveals that this fabric is made by using polyester base fabric with a plasticized PVC coating on its both sides.


Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd is a specialized supplier of the PVC coated tarpaulin, manufactured in accordance with the international standards, including RoHS, EN, ISO, SGS and others. Besides maintaining a high standard of quality, the company can supply all fabrics at reasonable prices. They can also supply the fabric sheets in different dimensions and sizes that can precisely meet the requirement of an industry. With high water resistance abilities, the tarpaulin can have multiple types of usages, such as for providing shelter from rain, wind, sunlight and other environmental elements. The fabric is lightweight and one can easily use it to quickly create a temporary, makeshift to save the cost of bricks and masonry. The fabric can also be used to protect goods from the water damage. The company supplies the tarpaulin to many clients for their camping, roofing and sheds and other purposes.


In order to learn more about the features of the PVC coated pipe fabrics, one can visit the website http://www.duletai.com.