Summary: Besides the gym mat vinyl fabric, the company also offers ventilation duct material to be used in the duct applications.


China, November 23, 2019 – Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd specializes in a variety of industrial fabrics and materials to be used in a range of applications. The company uses high quality polyester and nylon fabrics with PVC or PU coating for manufacturing different materials. The materials produced by them are waterproof and come with an excellent tensile strength. The company employs different kinds of surface treatments to add adorable features to these materials, which include UV-resistance, anti-static, anti-mildew and so on.

Gym mat fabric


The company has a variety of fabrics in their collection, and their gym mat fabric is very popular for its excellent features. The fabric can be suitable for different types of applications, such as gymnastic mats, foam pits, landing mats, sporting pads, and others. The spokesperson of the company reveals that their gym mats come with the best tear and puncture resistance in the industry. Moreover, these mats come with the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial treatments, so that these mats are hygienic and safe for people who practice on these mats. The mats are easily cleanable using a mild soap and water. The high quality fabric can be used for making professional grade mats for gymnasts, athletes and others.


Durainflate also brings the gym mat vinyl fabric that is made of 100% polyester fabric with the PVC coating. The fabric is made using the woven technique and is waterproof, flame retardant and anti-static. Available in the width of 1.3m to 2m, the fabric is also tear-resistant and shrink resistant. With EN, ROHS and SGS standards, this mat fabric is widely used by gymnasiums, yoga centers, sports facilities and others across geographies. The fabric comes with a superior yarn count and a high density, and weighs in the range of 500GSM to 800GSM. According to the spokesperson, the fabric is suitable for many types of applications, such as folding mats, landing mats, inclined mats, skill shapes, ninja systems, custom padding and others.
One can also check the ventilation duct material available in their stock. This yellow color 730GSM fabric is available in a matt finish. This fabric is completely waterproof, anti-static, UV-resistant, fire retardant and durable. It is used for applications, such as fire water mains, gas pipelines and other covering materials. The material is composed of a high tenacity polyester fabric at its base and layers of plasticized PVC coating on either side of the base. The 100% polyester fabric with the hot laminated PVC coating is manufactured for a long-lasting performance. This strong and durable material is easy to clean. One just needs to wipe its surface to keep it new-like. The spokesperson states that this duct material is waterproof and hence is suitable for outdoor installations.

Summary: For a lasting solar protection, Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd brings fiberglass blackout fabrics in a variety of shades.


China, November 23, 2019 – For an adequate protection from sunlight during the summer, roller window curtains are important for any building. Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd develops blackout fabrics using woven fiberglass yarns that can be used in the window curtains. Available in different sizes and thickness, the material can blackout a significant amount of sunlight from entering a building. Thus, it helps in keeping the inside temperature congenial for residents. The fabric can be used in both residential as well as commercial buildings.

vinyl roller shades fabric


According to the company spokesperson, the fiberglass blockout fabric offers a perfect solar protection.  The fiberglass yarn comes with a durable coating for the long-lasting performance. The fabric offers both dimensional as well as color stability and comes with a significant tensile strength. The spokesperson states that the fabric blocks the sunlight while maintaining an adequate natural light during the daytime inside the building. The fabric helps in maintaining a sufficient visual ability and also thermal comfort. The material is widely used in many types of buildings, such as airports, hospitals, shopping malls and others. Available in grey color, the material can have a blackout rate as high as 5.7.


The company’s fiberglass window shade is very popular in the industry for its amazing features. This material is available in white color and its structure contains PVC coating on the fiberglass layer. Available in the width range of 1.02m to 3.2m, the window shade has a weight of around 460GSM. With good color fastness ability, the material is flame retardant, washable and waterproof. With the fiberglass at its core, the fabric is anti-static and anti-fungal and also helps in reducing the noise level inside the building. The fiber also comes with an outstanding flatness with no curling at the edges. The spokesperson states that this fabric is available in the rolls of 30m, and they ship it packed in a hard paper tube.


Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd also specializes in the fiberglass roller shades blackout that comes with different layers of PVC films, blockout layer with a fiberglass core. With an excellent flatness, the fabric is available in beige color. However, the company offers color customization options as per the demand of the customer. The spokesperson reveals that the roller shade fabric can match with the interiors of a building and can help in enhancing the aesthetic value of a room. The company treats the fabric with an anti-mildew process to prevent its biodegradation and chemical decomposition. An anti-UV treatment protects the polymer against the harmful effects of the Sun’s UV rays. The material is also anti-static to reduce static electricity, so that electrical components of a building are not damaged. The fabric is completely waterproof and is washable to keep it clean.

Summary: The high quality knife coated PVC tarpaulin stock contains tarps in mixed colors and in different widths and densities for various applications.
China, November 23, 2019 – While Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd maintains a ready stock of a variety of industrial fabrics; one can also purchase discarded tarpaulins available in mixed colors from the company. In this tarpaulin stocklots, one can find a variety of tarpaulins with different densities, colors and widths. One can choose from a range of high quality and durable tarpaulins from this collection for their low-cost awning, shading or other applications.

tarpaulin stocklot

According to the company spokesperson, the knife coated PVC tarpaulin stocklots offers a variety of tarpaulins at incredible prices. These mixed knife coated tarpaulins are available in the weights ranging from 400GSM to 1000GSM. The tarpaulin length can vary from 1.5m to 3.2m. One can easily sort from the stock to choose the best tarp for different applications. New Material Company ships a mixed bag of tarpaulins that are packed in the different color craft papers. The spokesperson states that they sell discarded tarpaulins at throwaway prices in order to save their warehouse space. Clients can thus take advantage of the cost-saving prices and can choose from a stock of quality tarpaulins.


The spokesperson reveals that their tarpaulin stocklots contain B grade or C grade tarps in a variety of colors. These are rejected tarpaulins due to one or another reason, but not because of quality. Thus, one can rest assured of getting high quality tarps from the mix lot of the tarpaulins. The size, color and density of the tarpaulins in the lot can be quite different from each other. The spokesperson states that some of the tarps in this collection could be from a fresh order as well. When tarps are produced in the more quantity than the orders received, the excess part is often included in the stock of discarded tarpaulins. These tarpaulins are made of 100% polyester fabric, and hence significantly durable with an impressive shine. Available patterns are coated, knife coated and semi coated. The common colors available could be red, blue, white, green, yellow and black.


Besides the discarded fabrics, one can also find the polyester oxford fabric in their collection. This fabric is popular for its multi-purpose use and is in great demand from clients around the world. With the basket sort of weaving, the fabric achieves a significant longevity. The fabric is sturdy, while breathable and flexible. The waterproof fabric has a high resistance against abrasion agents and chemical substances. The spokesperson states that the fabric never allows dust particles to settle between its fibers. Thus, it is easy to keep clean and shiny. Made from thicker threads, the fabric has a very high density and is soft, durable and wind resistant. The PU coated textile is lightweight and has an excellent anti-UV property. The company supplies Oxford fabric in rolls of 50m each.

Camouflage Tarpaulin & Discarded Tarpaulins

Summary: The printed camouflage tarpaulin offers a perfect protection against the sun and UV rays while discarded tarpaulins are a mixed lot of a variety of tarps in various colors.


China, November 23, 2019 – With their great specialization in industrial fabrics and tarpaulins, Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd has a variety of products for different applications. These fabrics can be used for making tents, curtains, truck covers and other purposes. With a very high yarn count, the fabrics offered by the company are very durable. At the same time, the fabrics are available in a variety of colors and prints. Besides, an attractive appearance, these tarpaulins are perfect for practical applications.

Camouflage oxford fabric


The company spokesperson talks about their camouflage tarpaulin that enjoys a great demand from industrial clients. The fabric has a very high strength and an excellent stability. As a self-cleaning surface, the fabric is suitable for all weather conditions, and is perfect for outdoor installations. Because of its long-lasting performance, the tarp is a good option for erecting sun-proof awnings and tents. It comes with a flame-retardant finishing, and can be available in several types of color options. According to the spokesperson, the tarpaulin is made of 100% polyester fabric with the PVC coating. Available in the common width range of 1m to 3.2m, the tarp can be useful for large-size tents for organizing concerts, circus, carnivals and other events.


The company, however, specializes in the production of the tent fabric. Available in a variety of colors, the fabric is made from the heavy duty polyester fabric to ensure a long-lasting performance. The spokesperson states that they also offer UV, cold crack, anti-mildew and other types of surface treatments on this PVC laminated fabric. With a very high temperature resistance, the fabric is suitable for outdoor installations. The fabric is available with the SGS certification and they can guarantee to comply with other certifications as well on the client’s demand. According to the spokesperson, the fabric comes with a heavy yarn count and can weigh between anywhere 600GSM and 1800GSM.


Speaking about the discarded tarpaulins in their stock, the spokesperson reveals that these knife coated tarpaulins are available in the lots of mixed colors. The weight can be from 400GSM and 900GSM, and the width of the tarp can be between 2.5m and 3.2m. These unpacked tarpaulins are available at incredibly low prices, and can be used for making covering materials for different applications. Despite, the tarp collection is flame retardant, anti-static, UV resistant and waterproof. With high density, the tarps are very durable. The spokesperson states that these tarps are also easily cleanable, and can be used for many types of outdoor applications. These tarps are available in a variety of packaging with mixed tarpaulins in each lot. The package can include tarps of specific colors according to a client’s special requirement.